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As a well experienced web design company Vancouver, we are pleased to talk about few strategies that you can use in your eCommerce store. These strategies have been named as proven techniques for increasing conversion rates for any eCommerce website.

Fast Loading Speed

Site loading speed for an eCommerce website should be really high. If your eCommerce website takes a lot of time to load, then your customers will bounce off from you. Therefore, you need optimize your eCommerce website for a better loading speed. You can simply do this by flowing GTMetrix guidelines. On here, you will have to optimize all your images, CSS files, Javascript files and HTML files. A properly optimized eCommerce website will always give a positive impression to the end user.

Improve your checkout process

People are too busy these days. Their time has become so valuable for them. Therefore, they do not like to wait. If you have a very lengthy check out process for your online store, then there is a for your customers to bounce off from your website. To keep them inside your store, you will have to reduce the number of steps in your checkout User friendliness of an eCommerce site is pretty important factor. Check out process is a place where your customers expect maximum user friendliness. Most custom eCommerce websites have single page checkouts. So you can ask your web developer to include single page checkout process and reduce the number of steps in the check out process.

Implement Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

When you go to a restaurant to have your dinner, they have a nice display of items and their display always encourage you to purchase more and more. We can use the same strategy in eCommerce websites as well. Instead of displaying single product, you can encourage them to purchase more by displaying multiple products. This can always be done in the single product display page.  As popular online shops, Amazon and ebay do this very effectively. When you go to purchase an IPad on amazon, they always encourage you to purchase other accessories which go together with  the IPad.

eCommerce up selling

This is how it normally look on the single product view page on Amazon. As you can see, this is a very good strategy to motivate your eCommerce website visitors to purchase more to increase the conversion rate.

Clearly Display Payment Methods

eCommerce shopping cart website should clearly mentioned the payment methods that can be used on it. Well experienced designers know exactly where to display payment methods. Positioning the payment methods in the footer of an eCommerce site will give added advantages. Regardless of which page the visitor are on, they  will be able to view the payment method of your eCommerce store at anytime. Apart from that, mentioning payment methods on the check out page is also essential.

PayPal in eCommerce websites

Having multiple options for your payment methods will also bring you positive results. Specially, you should not avoid a payment method such as PayPal which is one of the most popular payment gateways. PayPal is a great option for any eCommerce solution. People may not have heard of other payment gateways or they might be afraid to use their credit cards directly on your website. But, they trust PayPal and there are not scared of using their card in PayPal. Therefore, you must integrate PayPal as one of your payment methods.

Publish a Newsletter to Announce About Your New Products

One of the best ways to have recurrent customers to your online business is via the newsletters. You can publish your newsletter once in a month or once in two months. Newsletter is a great technique that you can use to announce about your new stock of products. On here, there has to be a method for collecting email addresses of your customers. One of the most popular ways that most web design and development agencies use is newsletter subscription option in eCommerce websites.

newsletter signup for eCommerce websites
Use High Quality Images

Your images speak thousand words. This theory is common in eCommerce website design as well. Use of high resolution images will always enrich the beauty of your eCommerce site. It will also give out a positive impression about your online business to your website visitors. Resolution of your product images have to be higher as well. But having too bulky images will increase the loading time of your eCommerce website. Therefore, you have to be careful on here. Your product images have to have a zoom function attached to them specially on the single product view page. So that your customers can get a zoomed and detailed view of your products. Letting them know what they are exactly getting will also increase the credibility of your eCommerce store.

Offer Free Shipping

Often consumers like to to here the word “free”. Therefore, it is wise to offer something free of charge on your website. Free shipping is one of the best traffic creating options you can offer on your eCommerce shop. This  does not mean that you are going to offer free shipping on all orders. Instead, you can implement a free shipping rule over certain number of products or you can offer a free shipping rule depending on the total price in the cart.

Provide Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are another great way to win the hearts of your consumers. You can publish your coupon codes on different popular websites. So that customers can use those coupon codes in the check out process.

Coupon codes for eCommerce shopping cart
Let Customers Checkout as Guests

You should enable guest checkouts for your online store. Guest checkouts is one of the best options that your can offer for too desperate or too lazy customers. Sometimes, people may like your products or what you sell on your eCommerce website. But what they do not like is the lengthy checkout process. Some people do not like filling too lengthy forms or some could feel lazy. There is a possibility for those type of customers to turn their back to your shopping cart without proceeding with the final check out. Guest checkout would be the answer for these type of customers.

Enable Quick View Option

As you may have already seen, most eCommerce websites have Jquery based quick view option. If you need to create a user friendly eCommerce web shop, then you should enable quick view option. Using quick view option on the products, your customers will be able to view product details without navigating to single product view page. This will save a lot of their time and increase user friendliness of your eCommerce website.

quick view for online shop products
Use Call to Actions and Share Buttons

Call to Action buttons should be used in most efficient ways in an eCommerce store. Well experienced designers always place call to buttons in right places. Just like social media icons, placing call to action buttons in the right place can be pretty challenging. But most content management systems such as Woocommerce, Magento or Bigcommerce templates have their own call to action buttons.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile friendliness of your eCommerce website is significantly important as it is going to be the main stream for all your incoming traffic. Many people use mobile devices to browse internet these days. Therefore, if your eCommerce shop is not yet mobile friendly, then, that means you have not yet understand the value of mobile users. Make your online shop responsive as much as you can to mobile devices. This will pave the ways for new streams of traffic and it will also open a door of success that you have ignored before.

responsive eCommerce website
Let Customers Contact You

Contact information is also pretty important to prove that you are a genuine online business. As a well reputed eCommerce website design company in Vancouver, we have seen so many eCommerce websites without proper contact information on them. Most of them have not had at least an email address to contact. Since people purchase stuff on an eCommerce website, it is always good to provide proper contact methods on eCommerce stores. This will immensely help you to increase the credibility of your online shop.

Show Product Reviews From Real Buyers

One of the key element for any business to grow credibility is displaying actual customer reviews. You can practice that strategy on your eCommerce website as well. Customer review has to be genuine and genuine reviews has the ability to instill trust and that will increase the conversion rates. People believe what other people talk about your business or your products than what you talk about your products. Therefore, it is essentially necessary to show real product reviews for your eCommerce products.

On here we have discussed few important steps to get more customer reviews.

Go After Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment is frustrated. As an eCommerce website when you seen a cart abandonment, You get disappointed.  You should reduce cart abandonment as much as possible. There are few reasons for your customers to abandon shopping carts in the checkout process.

online shopping cart abandonment

As you can clearly see in the above graph created by Statista, these are few main reasons for shopping cart abandonment. 22% of respondents have abandon the shopping cart as they needed to create a new user account. You can simply give a solution to this issue by enabling guest check outs.

Some people have given up shopping cart by thinking about the payment security. And this is why you should enable few payment options.

You have to have attractive shipping costs and they should be reasonable. As you can see from the above graph, most people have abandon the shopping cart in eCommerce websites due to unexpected shipping costs.

As you can seen from the above graph, most of the reasons for eCommerce shopping cart abandonment are the reasons that we already discussed. You can see how important it is to fill those gaps.

Site Wide Search Function

Like we discussed before, most customers do not have a lot of time to spend on your eCommerce website. Therefore, it is our duty to make their life easy as much as we can. Search Bar for an eCommerce website has become a mandatory feature for any eCommerce website.

search bar for online store

If you need to increase conversions of your online store, you need to make sure that your customers can find what they are looking for in a quickest possible time.

Use Google Analytics to Track

Google Analytics is one of the best tools created by Google to track the behavior of a website. Installing Google Analytics is really easier than you ever think. You can install Google Analytics to an eCommerce website to track the behavior of visitors. Google Analytics gives you in depth information about website traffic. Therefore, after carefully analyzing the data from Google, you can further optimize the pages or make necessary steps to increase your conversion rates


Increasing the conversion rates is not that easy if you do not follow professional strategies for your eCommerce website. This is also time consuming and need a lot of efforts. Above tip and tricks will definitely help you to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. Get your eCommerce website designed with the best eCommerce web designers in Vancouver including all of the above features for a top notch eCommerce website.

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