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In a website, images play a huge role to pass the message to the website users. But, if you do not use the images properly, that can affect the website in bad ways, such as in loading speed and in Search engine optimization. The common issue here is the size of the images. If you have a large file size for an image, that image can slow down the website download speed. This can give bad influence to the customers and they will turn away. Therefore, in here we are going to talk about how image optimization can affect the website.

Firstly, images immensely help search engine optimization. According to Google, images should be named properly with alt tag. In that way Google image bots can identify your website images. On the other hand, large size images tend to be very slow when they are not optimized.

Use Responsive Images

Your images should be responsive to mobile devices. In a content management system such as WordPress, when you upload the images it will automatically duplicate that image with different screen sizes. Therefore, these small sizes of images will definitely an added advantage for the mobile device layouts. This will immensely help with the mobile device speed optimisation. It is also important to use retina display function that will produce high quality images.

Right Format For The Images

There are many image formats available to use in websites, but to choose the best format is very important. For instant, JPEG image format is better for images that you use anywhere in the website. And for logos and icons, it is wise to use PNG format.

Furthermore, make sure to use quality and high resolution images to get a decent quality after compressing.


There are two sorts of image compression that you can use on your website images. In the first place, we have lossy compression. This is normally use on JPEG format. It enables you to compress the image with the understanding. It is difficult to optimize the images without losing the quality. In the event that you have Photoshop or image editor software, it's best to use those compress images, so that you can analyse the quality of the image.

Furthermore, make sure to use quality and high resolution images to get a decent quality after compressing.

Mobile Optimization StategiesFor image optimization, there are many free tools available online. But, it is crucially important to find the right tool to compress the images to keep its quality. For example, if you use WordPress to design your website, Imagify is one of the best plugins you can use to optimizes the images. But, auto compression is not a solution for everything. Sometimes, depending on the situation and the purpose you will have to choose another option to optimize the images. We recommend you to optimize your images manually. There are plenty of online tools available for you. One of such great tools is Optimizilla. Optimizilla will optimize the images without losing quality.

Image Site Map

Google has numerous rules for image publishing to help your website rank high. You can use the extension of images on Google sitemaps to give Google more data about the website images, and doing this can enable Google to discover a larger number of images than what can be found through their search engines. Screaming frog is a great tool which you can download and use for your search engine optimization. You can use Screaming Frog to create your image sitemap. And then you can submit your websites image site map to Google search console. On Google Sitemaps it is vital for you to include particular tags for the images. You can likewise make a separate Sitemap for the images. It is essential to include all the vital data, while using particular image tags.

In spite of the fact that use of image Sitemaps doesn't ensure that your website images will get indexed by Google, but you can completely optimize the website images in order to rank in the Google using a sitemap. Google Webmaster Tools has numerous recommendations for accurately arranging your sitemap and the images for your Sitemap.

So, if you optimize your website images, the loading speed, page speed will increase and at the same time it will help your website to rank in Google. As usual, there are significantly more to learn. In any case, equipped with the factors that we've given, and the assets that we've connected to, you'll be headed to design a website that don't irritate the hell out of your clients. What's more, that is the initial move towards inspiring them.

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