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It would always be a really tough game for you to rank your business high in most of the search engines. If you want to rank your website globally, you should not think global scales first. Local SEO strategies are the best place to start. If I ask you how do you eat an elephant, you would not give an answer for that. But the answer is pretty simple. How do you really eat an elephant?. Well, bit by bit, step by step. SEO is also something like that. So you should prioritize your efforts more into local searches. This will be one of the most effective ways.

You should increase your local citations. Targeting a specific city or a local area first will broaden the chances of appearing your website in Google business map. It will also help a lot to reduce your competition for the spots that you are going to rank.

Let us tell you the best secrets of achieving a local SEO for your business website at the very beginning. These steps may be not suitable for companies which already have better SEO rankings.

Use Structural Markup Language

Schema structured data is a markup code which you can use to tell search engines easily about the content in your web pages. Schema code can easily be added to the html code and it will allow search engines to understand your web pages and its content better.

Vancouver Web DesignUsing schema tags you will be able to specifically define your location and this will let major search engines to specifically rank your website better.

Adding your information such as your address and phone number into schema code might not help you to develop your rankings on SEO but it will definitely boost your brand awareness and visibility.

If you are running an eCommerce website, schema code supports publishing data about products/ items. If you are into real estate business, you can still use schema data with areas and prices. Likewise, Schema structural data has full flexibility. You can always check and learn how you can use schema data with

Build Local Listing and Reviews

If you are traveler, if you need a hotel to stay in, then you would search for hotels. But at the same time you would read the reviews. Therefore, as you can understand, customer reviews count. By today, good customer reviews have become a key element in generating traffic and increasing conversion rates for any type of business. Reviews in local directories such as will definitely build up the trust with potential customers. Positive reviews will always create good impressions about your business which ultimately turn into traffic.

In the process of search engine optimization, one of the most important directory which you cannot forget is Google places. Listing on Google places is pretty much easy. But it will take some time for you to verify your listing. After successfully creating Google My Business profile, you can encourage your customers to leave good reviews on it. Google My Business will allow you to publish the information about your company which can be used in search, Google Maps and Google+. Now, Google has recently introduced many features such as opening hours, images and payment methods and cards. One of the most recent feature introduced by Google for My Business is that the offer section. This section will give you the opportunity to publish any special offers of your company.

Updating your Google listing will expand your ranking in mobile and local search results. Google My Business results will also display average customer rating for your business. Therefore, it is always a good practice to get more reviews from your customers.

Even though Google is dominating in the world of search engines, you should not ignore the capacity of the other search engines. Therefore, you should add your business details in Bing Places Business Directory. Creating your business profiles in this directory is also entirely free.

Yahoo business directory charge you when you add a listing. You will be able to create business listings over 50 directories, but you will have to pay monthly or annually in order to get this service.

Other than the search engine directories, there are number of other directories which you can list your business details. Adding your business details in those business directories will also increase the credibility of your business.

Create A Local Keyword Strategy

It is important to understand the behavior of your local customers when they type search terms on search engines. Having knowledge about how local customers search for something will be an added advantage when defining your keyword strategies. Using right keywords for your business is extremely important.

Depending on the size of your business, your location and the type of the business, your keywords will be varied. For an example, if you are an accountant in Vancouver, then you may use keywords such as accountants Vancouver or affordable accountancy service Vancouver. Having the name of the city or area within your keyword will increase the ability to appear your business under a search terms like above.

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