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In today’s world competition among business growing wildly. Therefore, strong marketing strategies are more important to grow credibility to website and brand. One of the major fact is to improve the reputation of a business is to have a bunch of glowing customer feedback about your company and its service or products. Positive customer feedback instill trust and help to increase conversion rate. You can use those tips to grow visibility in local websites and prompt many customers to review your company.

Exceed Expectations

Exceeding customer expectation can lead to get more valuable feedback from your customers. Providing an exceptional customer service will encourage customers to leave positive comments about the business without even asking them.

customer feedbacks for eCommerce websites If you can go above and beyond to satisfy the customer with your service, individually engage with them and make them special will be able to get a genuine feedback from them. And definitely they will talk about their great experience that they received from your business with their friends and families. Do not forget, the word of mouth is the best advertisement that you can have in this world. The exceptional experience will push customers to recommend your company or the business to other people. Therefore, you should always try to exceed the expectation in order to increase the number of positive reviews in your feedback bank

Make it About Them 

If you are looking to get honest and genuine feedback, it is important to ask your customers to leave their comments. In order to do that you will have to make them satisfy with your service or products. Researches indicate 60%of consumers tend to read the review section before purchasing or choosing a company. Make sure ask your customers nicely to share their experience with others to make a great choice.

Let your customers that they are really important and valuable to your business and make it all about them when you offer the service. When you really show your interest about their feedback, they are more likely to give you a comment and this will benefit to draw more customers.

So, treat your customers with respect and make them feel special to your business and value their opinions. Then only you can get more honest and genuine feedback from your own customers. Getting more reviews will impact to increase the trust and reputation of a business.

Make it Easy

customer reviews for web hosting services The process of the getting feedback from customers should be straight forward and simple. It should not take long and time consuming. If you could provide all the necessary links and details instead of letting customers to look for the review page can encourage them to leave a comment.

More importantly, having a section in your website inviting customers to write a feedback and include all the available links where they can leave reviews will be easy for your customers. An easy review format will be a benefit for you as well as for customers to leave a feedback without filling complicated long form.

Follow Up

Keep remind your customers about reviews and use the links in every marketing communication strategies. Some customers may take long time to develop a strong bond with your services or the products. So, over a period of time customer will appreciate your service or products, then if you keep remind them surely they will write a reviews. Those comments are really valuable as they are real and honest. Keep your customers happy by providing exceptional customer service.

Show Your Gratitude

generate customer feedback Giving an incentive for a feedback is a great way showing your gratitude at for the customers is a great way of getting more reviews. A discount or competition will be an excellent idea for incentive.  Do not get it wrong; this is a little gift for taking their time to leave an honest comment about your business.


There is another way of getting more customer reviews by using outsources. As you know there are many companies specialize in supporting business to grow their reviews. They reach out your customers and request comments about your business on behalf of you. The advantage is using these companies that you do not have to spend time reaching out the customers. But the downside is this service can be expensive.

Bear in mind, to get more customer reviews for the business take a long time. By providing an exceptional customer service will automatically lead customers to leave a comment. So, be patient and consistently meet customers’ expectations.

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